Feral horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park
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Feral horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The park is named for the 26th President, who arrived in this region in 1883 to hunt bison and experience the West. He was so fond of the landscape that he became a partner in a cattle ranch and bought another on his own. Theodore Roosevelt National Park offers an amazing combination of epic scenery, wildlife, and history. You'll find a 36-mile scenic loop road, several miles of the Little Missouri River, and seasonal horseback riding.

As Governor of New York and President of the United States, Roosevelt made conservation a primary focus. Under his presidency (1901 - 1909), nearly 230 million acres were protected in the form of national forests, parks, monuments and reserves. This conservation legacy established a precedent for the 1900s and beyond. Today there are thousands of protected lands throughout the country.

The National Park Service was created in 1916, three years before Roosevelt's death.

Location: Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota.

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